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cover of Chasing Freedom
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Are you tired of reading the same basic story in a different cover for the thousandth time? Irritated at the bean-counting, the sensitivity reader filters, the progressive political messages that have infiltrated even historical fiction? Want to read more stories that are just fun, not politics or disguised activism? Us too.

Our books are here to tell good stories, in whatever manner the writer intends them. We aspire to publish superversive books – stories that uplift by inspiration, stories that build ideas and character rather than tear them down. We seek heroic heroes and strong heroines, stories that approach important topics from angles considered toxic by the mainstream publishing industry, and stories that make you fall in love with reading again. 

If you’re a reader looking for stories that don’t make you want to throw the book against a wall, have a seat and check out some of our offerings. If you’re a writer looking for a home at a publisher who embraces conservative ideals while looking for a way forward – welcome home.


Engage engines for Phase 2

With our second wave of books, we have a little something for everyone.

​First, a reprint of Marina Fontaine's award-winning Chasing Freedom, previously published by Silver Empire Publishing. This tale of a dystopian America so repressive that Christians and others seeking to breathe freely escape to Canada grimly foreshadows an all-too-possible future, considering things that have already happened. This book is the first of several books from defunct publishing houses we will be polishing and republishing. Many of these books never had a chance to succeed, despite great merit; others have had some or even great success, but are now being entrusted to us by their authors who believe in our project.

Innocent Spouse, by Leonard Getz, is a rarity: a thriller focused around an IRS agent. Who'd have thought that a tax collector could be a hero? But yes, Ivan Samuel, an experienced auditor, finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation when his daughter's teacher and friend turns up missing - and from there, he's catapulted into a Muslim terrorist plot. By the end of this book, you'll be grateful for the good, honest, and decent people that in general populate all our government agencies - even the IRS.


In presale is FLIP, a complex story about choices and chance; what happens when you face your responsibilities versus when you do not? This slipstream novel follows a young artist who finds out what could have happened had he taken the Road Not Followed - and then gives him a choice with deep implications regardless of which path he chooses. FLIP's author, Steve Stinson, is also a talented graphic designer who brought his own cover to this intriguing book.

Coming Soon

Our next original new offering is a historical novel, The First Knight, which celebrates the life of Roman general Flavius Stilicho. Stilicho was a man well ahead of his time, honorable and pious, who did everything he could to save and preserve the Roman Empire. It is easy to see echoes of our world today in his story. The First Knight will be followed by two other books that will tell Stilicho's story in full.

Alongside The First Knight, we will be publishing My Life as a Dixie Darling. This lighthearted book about a lovely young woman who decides, at her ne'er-do-well husband's urging, to try internet soft porn (think Only Fans) has a serious core question: what happens when you abandon social norms for the sake of easy money, even when you think you'll never be caught? This book is one of my favorites; 20 pages in, I knew I wanted to publish it.

We will be remastering Roy Griffis's The Bang, the first book in his Lonesome George postapocalyptic series. I edited Griff's book for Liberty Island Media the first time around and we became good friends, so I'm proud to bring this one back to life. We are going to combine the three books into two more cohesive ones, and then co-write a third to cover some things that were left unaddressed - it will be an adventure! We will also be bringing you another book by Marina Fontaine, The Product.

Last but so very far from least! we are publishing Tea House of the Hidden Moon, an unexpectedly precognitive apocalyptic book that blends myth, science fiction, historical and contemporary events, and government public/private malfeasance to create a fresh take on what might happen. Author Keith Korman seems almost precognitive in this novel, predicting and accurately depicting things we know all too well these days like mob violence and shortages in a world that once seemed boundlessly plentiful. Plus there's a surprise cover artist to make this book not just a great read, but a collectible display piece for your home library. This book was originally published as End Time by TOR, but pulled less than two months after publication because of political issues - what a shame they did not realize they had a treasure on their hands! (I'm fake-crying for them.)

Upcoming Books - 2023

Can you believe it's this close to next year? And we have a full slate of books on offer as we ramp up production. Sicarii, by Harry Steven Lazerus, takes a look at the roiling politics and shocking violence of first-century Israel under Roman occupation in a book that reminds me a bit of the independent hit series The Chosen in its realistic depiction of period Israelites. We are reprinting, among other books, Deplora Boule's The Narrative, a brilliant satire that skewers contemporary news media and liberal culture (seriously, this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about our future!). Spotless, by Marina Fontana and Danielle Bova, tells the story of a high-school boy who finds himself haunted by the angry ghost of a pretty girl, and how that haunting jolts him into living instead of drifting. For something completely different, our omnibus of Quin Hilyer's Mad Jones series is a Southern-flavored foray into the human psyche - specifically, the part of the human psyche that wants desperately to Believe in Something, with poor Mad being the Something.


Marking our first foray into YA and children's literature are the books Best, by Fred Himebaugh, and Justice for All by David and MaryLu Barrow. Justice for All is a historical covering the Boston Massacre and its aftermath - a surprisingly important time in American justice during which many of our most cherished judicial ethics were born. Best, by Fred Himebaugh, opens a series that asks what happens when students - even the brightest, most privileged students - take over their own education. We plan to expand our children's offerings rapidly, moving into picture books as soon as is feasible; there is a huge vacuum in the marketplace for the right-leaning perspective in juvenile literature, and it's time our voices were heard there.

We will also be remastering and reprinting Declan Finn's A Pius Man, the first book in a series about a Vatican security head tasked with protecting a controversial Pope - and solving murder mysteries. Declan is one of the hardest working writers in the indy business, and we're really excited about bringing him to Conservatarian Press.

Other Initiatives

Books are not our only initiatives these days. We have a brand-new magazine, Sonder, focused on right-of-center culture, from short fiction to critical essays and art. A writers' workshop beta group is starting up soon to help develop talented storytellers into published authors. And our in-development marketplace hub at will expand your potential reading library exponentionally; it invites indy and other right-of-center authors to register their books in a free open-to-all shopping database. We think it will be just right to help you find an enormous treasury of right-leaning fiction by upcoming and established authors, raising the profile (and hopefully productivity!) of some of our favorite people.

If you want to follow our books and our new initiatives as they're introduced, sign up below for our newsletter, launching in January. We'll only send one or two every month, we'll never sell or share your email without opt-in permission, and we will keep it short, sweet, and crammed with news, not spam.

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