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Conservatarian Press was born from a very specific need: how to make conservative voices a normal thing in mainstream fiction. You see, fiction has almost entirely been co-opted by the liberal fringe, now the liberal mainstream. It has become the norm for bean-counters, also known as sensitivity readers and managing editors and even acquiring agents, to micromanage which races, ethnicities, and sexualities writers include in their stories. Gatekeepers, from writers' program professors to critics, ensure that only chosen stories reach the reading public. Certain story angles (fossil fuel producers or frackers or even capitalists as good guys, for instance, or the long-term psychological effects of having an abortion or sex-change operation) are verboten. Even Christianity is being edged out, thrust into the ghetto of Christian fiction where it is safely labeled with its little yellow cross, conveniently avoidable for the easily triggered. 

Worse, writers who show conservative tendencies are being edged out or silenced in all the traditional avenues of creative writing education, from universities to workshops. Write a conservative-sounding story or say something truthful about the economy or coronavirus, and you are suddenly viewed with suspicion. Continue, and you will be edged out of the program in a variety of ways. 


The end result? Our voices are systematically shut out of a world that, by all rights, belongs to all of us: the world of literature, the world that holds our collective culture.

About 13 years ago, I threw a book across the room. It was the third time in a row I had picked up a historical romance that had thrown in woke or virtue-signaling anachronisms for purely political reasons. I was tired of it. So I looked to see if there was a better way to find books that suited me, a culturally conservative woman who prizes accuracy, truth, and heroism.

There wasn't. Books simply weren't divided into the categories I wanted. As I'm sure you have all noticed, the New York publishing industry, particularly fiction, leans hard left, and so do the books they put out. Sometimes there would be a gem that did not insult either my intelligence or my political and cultural beliefs; most of the time, I had to grit my teeth or give up on the book.

If I wanted a better way, I had to build it. Enter my first domain,, and the opening of a whole new world. People started contacting me, excited about the possibilities behind my ideas. I discovered I wasn't the only one offended by this politically woke trend in the publishing world -- OUR literature, our shared culture, was being co-opted to serve the agenda of a radical subgroup more interested in destroying our legacy than continuing it. Our treasured classics were being denigrated and demoted to serve the political needs and desires of a few, and they were being replaced by limp, subpar woke "modern classics" that were of little interest to most people. But the audience was noticing, and they were moving away. We could give them something to move toward. Gradually, our little cultural movement built up organizations, partnerships, friendships. A few small publishers even sprang up. 

The first of these was Liberty Island Media, a company I was involved in for its first year or so. Recently, Liberty Island shut down - so to prevent a vacuum, I decided to start this company, Conservatarian Press. Thus far, we have over thirty books (with more in the pipeline) under contract or committed to us to be published over the next year or so, representing every genre from women's to historical to science fiction, and we are targeting both adults and older children in our offerings. Next year we hope to offer children's picture books, and we have plans for much, much more.

For news about what we are doing in the future, please sign up for our newsletter. I promise it will be filled with news about our upcoming offerings, sales, and things I think will be of interest to you, the right-leaning fiction fan. I will never, ever sell or give away your information, and I will always keep your needs and likes in the forefront of our company goals. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we have a presence on MeWe.

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