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Kill Sequence

When Shawn’s brilliant, beautiful wife is murdered and he is hunted down by her ruthless ex-business partner, he doesn’t expect to be helped out by a mysterious man – nor does he anticipate that her cybernetic research was much further along than anyone had known.

Published in March 2022.

Neon Crosses

Take a tour of the true South with a son of Dixie. You’ll visit breathtaking vistas and charmingly tacky tourist traps, churches that make your soul soar and history that brings tears to your eyes. Mostly, however, you’ll come away with an understanding that the South is a place like no other.

Published in March 2022.

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Jonah, an apprentice oilfield diver, makes his living deep under sea while topside he lives among roughnecks, crankheads, and criminals in the Gulf of Mexico’s offshore oil and gas industry. Seed, an ex-con diver in Jonah’s crew, starts a blood feud with roughnecks–and Jonah is caught in the escalating violence, shifting loyalties, and the mysterious appearance of a sick blue whale.

Published in January 2022, in conjunction with Deep Reef Books.


When Seabrook and Aja set out to do their PhD thesis work, they expected an idyllic and romantic tropical interlude – not to become targets of a Columbian drug cartel.

Published in January 2022, in conjunction with Deep Reef Books.


Chasing Freedom

When your government exists to serve bureaucrats instead of the people - when the sick and vulnerable are left to die - when people are treated like cogs in a machine - what's left for a free-thinking people to do but revolt?

Published in September 2022


When talented artist Matt Andrews gets a do-over in his life from a mysterious stranger, he has to choose which full, rewarding life he wants to keep. But is his choice just an illusion?

In Presales Now

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Innocent Spouse

IRS investigators are used to tears, shouting, and attempted bribes. Agent Ivan Rand Samuel didn't expect government corruption - nor did he expect the audit trail to lead to an Islamic terror threat!

Published in October 2022

Tea House of the Hidden Moon

Manufactured disease. Rampant crime. Hidden government agendas. Insect drones. Mind control. And in the middle, one man trying to rescue an innocent girl.


When the world goes mad, sometimes just saving one person is enough.

In Presales this December

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Flavius: The First Knight

What can a man of honor do to better a corrupt world? Flavius Stilicho, a passionate young Roman soldier in the service of Emperor Honorius, is sent on what seems to be a suicide mission - making peace with Persia - after falling in love with the Emperor's ward. The first of three novels detailing Stilicho's magnificent life!

Coming in November/December 2022

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Death Panels

David Rudder's days are spent delivering merciful death to people in pain, in the name of the government. When he has the chance to save a health child doomed to death, he kidnaps the baby, hoping to find sanctuary in the Dome.

First published in 2015 - updated and re-edited

Coming in January 2023

My Life as a Dixie Darling

Doreen Martinelli just wanted to make a little extra money on the side, maybe buy her daughter a couple of dolls and make her cute husband Bobbie happy. Who knew that posing nude online would completely upend her life?

Coming in January 2023

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Mad Jones Omnibus

Orphaned Madison Jones has had a hell of a year: his grandfather died, his wife died, his child died, his mother-in-law died. The only sensible thing to do: go mad and shout at God. He didn't realize he wasn't the only one - or that his words would start a religious movement.

Coming in early 2023

The Sicarii (volume I)

In Israel during the 1st century AD, factions struggled for the Jewish identity during the Roman rule over their land. When only might, not right, can win, when loss could mean the death of the Jewish nation, what is a righteous man to do?

Coming in early 2023!

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