Welcome to Conservatarian Press

If you don't know me, that's fine. I'm Jamie K. Wilson, founder, executive editor, owner, primary errand runner, and janitorial services for Conservatarian Press. And I do bits in-between as well, like acquire and edit books, proof them and prep them for press, market them, create covers sometimes, just all the stuff. For a year, we've been experimenting around with how we can function properly as a full-service press for right-of-center books, ideas, readers, and writers, and we might just have it.

I've been working in the movement that is OUR fiction for over a decade now and have been uniquely positioned to see what we really need in order to survive and thrive: everything. As a literary movement, we have no marketing infrastructure, minimal media presence, no development structure for new writers, no distribution outside the good old Internet, and almost no visibility. That's quite a thing to say about a movement that represents the stories and views of perhaps half of all Americans. If Conservatarian Press is to survive and thrive, ALL of these elements need to be addressed, and we have plans for all of it. We are starting with four primary pillars.

First, of course, is fiction publishing. We have started with adult popular fiction, welcoming all genres. but over the next year or so plan to open that up to YA and children's publishing as well. This, in my opinion, is critical: without a robust right-of-center perspective in children's publishing, how are we ever to instill the stories, traditions, and culture that we all share?

Second is culture. We don't just need stories - we need a metastory to tie them together. We need shared culture. To address that, we have just introduced sonder, a magazine that will include poetry, fiction, music, art, essays, critiques, and interviews. We anticipate it changing madly over the next year - and that is fine. We need to find formats and stories that resonate with our readers. We will also be promoting other cultural outlets that have slowly been growing up.

Third is marketing and visibility. We will be making some heavy pushes into marketing over the next year, including media visibility. But we are also creating a semi-autonomous marketplace where right-of-center and libertarian writers can post their books, and readers can come to find them. We are looking at other ways to enhance this to create as much usability for our writers and readers as possible, including news about sales, some limited advertisement, and maybe a blog for writers to come guest-post about their books.

Last but not least is developing new writers. I had to backburner this for much of last year, but I'm getting ready to bring it back to the front: we are going to be running a workshop for right-of-center writers where they can find guidance, an assessment of areas they need to work on, structured lessons, critique partners, writing partners, and community support. I'm going to try to run this largely on Discord, but it's an experiment and I have no idea what its final form shall be.

So anyway, welcome aboard! Follow me and Conservatarian Press on Facebook and Twitter and MeWe for more news, and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. If you sign up for the newsletter, we won't send more than a couple of emails to you per month, and we will never, ever sell or share your information.

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